Top 10 Famous Musicians in the World

Elvis Presley

Despite Elvis being a renowned musician didn’t like to be called the “ king of rock ‘n roll”. He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. He was a leading soloist in the genre of rocks and the best solo artist in the history of popular music.


Frank Zappa


Frank Zappa is such a great musician with over 60 albums written, recorded and produced. His inspiring music is great and has over 1400 songs. He is incredible, and if you have not interacted with his music I would recommend a search on “The best of Frank Zappa”. It will give you the full idea of who he is.


Omar Rodriguez- Lopez


Since beating his opiate addiction, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has become one of the greatest and productive musicians of the decade. In the year 2009, Omar wrote and produced seven albums and not just lame albums but incredible and aspiring songs. He has been exemplary good over the last 15 years with the critically acclaimed “Relationship of Command”.


Mike Patton


You can’t just imagine the diversity of Mike Patton. From his favourite band Fantomas you get but inspired by Mike Patton. His hip-hop band “Peeping Tom ” and the invention of Tomahawk are but a few of his great works. The guy has stopped thoroughly in the world of music. Thanks to Mike Patton.


Maynard James Keenan


Maynard Keenan is the head lead of tools, writing lyrics and making them rule in collaboration with many Carey, Justin chancellor and Adam Jones. He got have other incredible acts such as the Puscifer. His ability to compose amazing metaphors on complicated subjects is weird.


Steven Wilson


Well known for the porcupine tree. It is one of the acclaimed band of Steven Wilson. Along with Maynard, Steven is well known to craft lyrics that are powerful, melodic and rhythmic and at the same time. When live acting he has an incredible stage presence. I think his greatest work was on the album “Nil Recurring”.


Zach Hill


Zach Hill is one of the greatest drummers globally. His great work in ridiculous rhythms heard in the band, and his double kick drumming while using a single kick pedal is but amazing. Involved with musicians such as Mike Barr in his production. His album on “There Is No 666 In Outer Space” is incredibly good.


Trent Reznor


Trent Reznor is the originator of the industrial and political music. He has a unique way of performing. When writes the music, hires other artists to perform with him during the recording. He is well known for his electronic performance and the bass tones.


Sufjan Stevens


Sufjan has released ten volumes of Christmas albums with over 100 songs. He has an incredible and amazing album on “age of adz” and is one of the most renowned alba and well made of his career. He had an interesting take on single life vs married life.  I can reward him for that fantastic album. He has done folk music, indie, orchestral and electronic songs. He is one of my favorite musician for his open-mindedness.


Aaron Turner


Not only that Aaron Turner is the vocalist and guitarist of isis, but he is responsible for the Isis. The is also responsible for over 50 albums such as coverage, the Dillinger escape plan and pelican. He is among in the bands of lotus eaters, the house of low culture, jodies and many more. I saw him in performance with isis and made me so joyous.